Friday, August 22, 2008

I love the Olympics!

I just love watching the Olympics.  Summer, winter, I love them all.  Unfortunately, I have been influenced by the athletes, and have started running.  As those who know me will attest, I hate exercise, and feel it is dangerous.  I can relate quite a few incidents of friends injuring themselves while exercising, and I have always discouraged it.  I didn't even know why I started running until my friend Barb told me it was the Olympics.  She said to watch out, or I'd be looking for a trampoline or balance bar next.  I feel quite athletic now.  Of course, I have only been running for two days, and maybe for 1/16 of a mile, but still....

I have been much more successful with the Ravelympics.  I entered the Vest Vault, Handspinning Heptathalon, WIP Wrestling, Hat Dash and mumble SockPut mumble.
I have no chance of finishing the Sockput, mainly because I chose to knit socks from yarn I had spun but not yet plied or finished.  I would have had a chance had I not been away from my spinning wheel for over a week.  Anyway, I have not even cast on for the socks.  Here's the yarn though, and it turned out very nicely, if I do say so myself -

It is one of the superwash sock batts in the Mermaid colorway from Enchanted Knoll Farms.

Here is my entry for the Hat Dash - The Amanda Hat in 100purewool.

My niece Steph grabbed it and stuck it on her head when I gave it to her last Sunday,
so I think she likes it.

the entry for WIP Wrestling -

Ice Queen
this is the Ice Queen which I started in February and finally finished.  I made this for
my friend Sue.  At least she'll have it in plenty of time for this winter.

My entry for the Vest Vault is the Back-to-School-U-Neck Vest from Fitted Knits
in 100purewool I just have the back straps and neck and armhole finishing, so it's possible I'll finish on time.

Oh, and the Handspinning Heptathalon.  I had already spun half of the Crown Mountain Farms
roving before the Olympics started, so I decided to use the other 4+ ounces as my entry.
I finished plying, washing and whacking it and it is now drying.

I did take a break from all of the crazy knitting and spinning to wish my niece a Bon Voyage as she sets off to college - tomorrow (gulp).  Good luck, Jack!  I know you will have a great time - and study really, really hard.

All three of the lovely nieces (shown here with Grandmom) are athletes.  They certainly do not take after their Aunt Ginny.

The clock is ticking down, and I have many stitches to make before I sleep.  I'll give it my best!

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Sharon said...

Oh wow. I didn't realize you were in all of those events. congrats!